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above the freezing mark at 35. 25 and the martinsburg. -- 25 in martinsburg. 45 by noon. no big weather problems to prevent you from getting out and voting. which is good news because our coastal storm arrives late tomorrow. more details on that in a minute. we will head to jamie for traffic. >> good morning. chilly, that's for sure. around the beltway and the the the tysons area, still trying to wrap up a lot of work near rte. 7. still construction barrels and the place here as well. traffic had a weight must -- heading away from us. on the outer loop, construction over the northwest branch between 193 in new hampshire avenue. at this early hour, light volume and not much of it delayed. a little bit and even payment to their back to you. -- a little bit of uneven pavement there. back to you. >> president obama and mitt romney spent the last full day of campaigning in a number of states pushing for votes. our team coverage begins with scott thuman in chicago with the obama camp. >> late last night the president arrived back here in chicago. earlier, he was where it all began -- the morn
in baltimore, 42 degrees at dulles and 44 in martinsburg. a ridge of high pressure is moving out but we have a ridge of high pressure north of us and that will allow the warm air to move through our region. look at the division in the country. ahead of this, that's where the warmer air is settling and we'll benefit from that as we head into the course of tomorrow and see our temperatures rise. here is the ridge that will head out. the rim will be light pushing from the south on sunday. a little gusty on monday but they'll continue to boost our temperatures as we head to near 70 degrees. so tomorrow, by mid day, expect it to be about 65 degrees. we're going to see plenty of sunshine, perfect for veterans day because there's lots of outdoor activity and lots of parades that you get to enjoy as we celebrate our veterans. here is a look at the fox 5 seven-day forecast. warm day at 69 degrees. tuesday into wednesday, we are looking at some wet weather starting to move in and that's associated with that cold front that's bringing the cooler air to the western portion of the country. we dry out by
at dulles airport, 43 martinsburg martinsburg, 54 in winchester 60 in petersburg west virginia. lexington park is 55. increasing clouds areas of rain. i think west of the blue ridge and shenandoah after sunset. then showers this evening in the metro area and tomorrow morning we could have a few lingering showers. warm today, high 60's to near 70. we will see changes over the next couple of days cooler air moving in to town. that is the latest here from just outside the marine corps memorial. we are set up to get a buffalopwuflbuffalo -- beautiful view. now to steve for the traffic. can't call in a commuting a federal holiday. >> 14th street bridge hardly any vehicles. that means the way up 95 and 395. and the h.o.v. restrictions are lifted on the virginia interstate and probably 270 also but they have not confirmed that. route 15 maryland they always stay in effect. southbound lanes of 270 here we are 109 hyattstown looks pretty good with late traffic. down to the divide that is looking good. we will look at springfield where everything is moving smoothly in the main l
in the 40s. 48, 48 martinsburg, 55 in washington. 56 in fredericksburg. temperatures today, 5-10 degrees below average. and, as we look toward the temperatures right now, we're still below average. the low to mid 40s, where most of us are. 46 in martinsburg. 44 in taxpayer river. satellite radar, the storm system known as sandy just continues to spin across our region and will continue to bring us this northwesterly flow. and what happens as it piles all the moisture and all of the clouds to the west of the mountains. you can see that moisture poiling up, but on the east side, it starts to dry out a little bit. we will see drier conditions. i do think we'll be seeing more cloud cover. here's your future weather, showing that area of low pressure, sandy, making its way out of here very slowly. still cool tomorrow with mostly cloudy skies. the snow stays back towards the western portion of the mountain. and we will see some clouds tomorrow. but, once again, i think plenty of sunshine. at least to start. we may start with some sunshine and the clouds go back in. by friday, rather breezy and
and martinsburg; 36 for hagerstown and 46 for the district. so, a chilly night is expected, the sun going down earlier and earlier and we have a bit of a windchill to deal with still, even though the winds have gotten lighter. you can see that feels like it's colder. some lices -- places feel like they're in the low 30s and dress for the chill the in, few hours and as the winds lighten up, it will be getting cold as the high pressure -- high pressure builds in overnight and means chore skies and temperatures drops into the 20s and 30s. if you had anything still remaining outside, they won't get issued anymore because the growing season is considered to be over. it will definitely be cold enough for a hard freeze in many areas, including 20s, upper 20s for hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester and into gaithersburg; 33, baltimore and 35 for d.c.; 29, cumberland and that is a cold one, for sure, and the temperatures below freezing in the suburbs, 35 degrees in the city and winds will lighten up a bit in the north to five to 10 miles per hour. a nice bright day tomorrow, staying cool, though, and b
-per-hour gust in gaithersburg. 26 miles per hour in martinsburg. so for tonight, partly cloudy, windy and cold. a one-blanket night. dress for the 30s. lows will be in the 30s but it is going to feel like it's in the 30s. winds northwest 10 to 30. we'll come back and take through weekend. we've got skins in town, terps in town, and maybe a nor'easter next week. derek. >>> two of those things soundg top. >>> the unemployment rate up just a bit tonight from 7.8% to 7.9% as more americans get out there looking for work. employers did add 171,000 jobs last month. out on the campaign trail mitt romney and barack obama responded to the numbers. >> unless we change course, we may well be looking at another recession. >> we've made real progress but we are here today because we know weave got more work to do. >> president obama spending his day campaigning in 0 hio mitt romney in way. only four days to go until we go to vote, both men spending the weekend trying to sway the undecided. >>> the rising unemployment numbers do not bode well for veterans coming home from overseas so today at a joint base a
. baltimore the same, 37 degrees in gaithersburg, cooler there. >> 42 at dulles and mart bins -- martinsburg, 39 degrees at culpepper this hour. the jet stream is letting in the cooler air across the area to the east. a lot of warm air from the south and we're dealing with the remnants of sandy moving out and leaving behind so much of the devastation that it can did. on the west, this is the west coast and this is where we're talking b the storm system developing into next week and that is looks like it's diving to the south andha is looking like it's going up the east coast. for election day, we have some mixed conditions. sunshine to the south, showers to the northwest and a little bit of snow as far as the area to the great lakes is concerned and that is chill around the area. and into thursday -- tuesday, it's expected to be down the southeastern coast. the models are stating to come together in a lot of agreement now. the question, what direction will it take? with the jet stream bringing in the cool air and that system pushing up, there is a couple of possible tracks that look like the
around 40 degrees. 39 in frederick, 39 in martinsburg. windchills here into the low 30s. it will be a cold night. we're talking about one of the coldest nights we've seen. radar pictures showing clear skies meaning no rain. we won't see any rain in the next few days. put away the umbrellas. you will not need them for at least three, four, five days out. our storm system came through the region earlier today. producing up to a half inch to an inch of rain and sleet. that also mixed in from time to time across portions of the i-95 corridor. that is now out of here and you can see high pressure settling in. and that means the cool, if not cold weather is settling in, too. it was rather breezy during the day today. tomorrow, we're going to stay cool. i think we'll see plenty of sunshine. especially early in the day. late in the afternoon, maybe a few mid to high level clouds and then more clouds on thursday and friday. so we're going to stay quite chilly right through the rest week. the temperature, five to ten degrees below average right through the day on friday and probab
degrees. 41 in fredericksburg and 40 degrees in martinsburg. partly sunny and maybe a sprinkle later this morning. a good 10 degrees below average. i promise, more sunshine is in the seven-day forecast. i have to be a little patient but we will get there. we will head over to traffic with steve. >> good morning. we start with a look at the beltway, new hampshire ave. this is heading towards georgia ave. as you can see, it is not causing a backup right now. just so you know, as you leave college park heading west, way over to the left for a little while. we will head over to the map right now. a lot of road work on the virginia side of the beltway. several were zones south of northbound 295. the extremely light volume of traffic heading to springfield. a tour of the traffic was closed overnight for construction. it will gradually start to open during the course of this hour. it really looking good right now. fortunately, no accidents or incidents. >> we continue to follow the relief efforts in the aftermath of sandy. the death toll continues to grow. the storm being blamed for at leas
gaithersburg and frederick. we're down to 35 in martinsburg, winchester 32. so definitely a clear night, winds lightened up a lot, very dry air, clear skies, good radiational cooling. we find a lot of 20s through the northern great lakes, detroit at 29 degrees, columbus 29, binghamton 32, new york city 41 degrees. we'll call it cold tonight, 28 degrees for hagerstown and frederick, baltimore around 32 degrees, d.c. 35. head down to quantico for a temperature of 30 and you can see out toward winchester 28 degrees. so coal overnight expected freezing and be -- cold overnight expected freezing and below in the suburbs, about 35 degrees in the district with lighter winds out of north at 5 to 10 miles per hour. we'll keep that going tomorrow, our temperature 50 degrees. so a cool day with the average being in the upper 50s now but definitely wall to wall sunshine. at 8 a.m. 38 deges with lots of sun. by noon about 47 degrees and again expecting a good amount of sunshine and by 4:00 about 48 degrees. we stay quiet in the short term. as we check temperatures around the region tomorrow, again it looks
a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday morning.a chilly 28 in martinsburg. warmer towards the bait with 42 in annapolis. we should tap of around 51 in the district. clearing skies late this morning. otherwise more clouds than anything else. we are going to check on traffic. >> another look at 270 and see how we are doing. toward the lane divide, all the lands are open. that will take you all the way down to the beltway with no problem so far. we can see there is a road work on 295 northbound, a little late to clear. watch out for that heading into maryland. the toll road looks good, a little activity onit looks like there is a police stop. and sprinkled everything is moving nicely. a little more volume on 395 a bit towards springfield. >> we are getting breaking news from mexico. >> a magnitude 5.9 earthquake has hit mexico after 4:20 this morning. this is the area that it happened in. guerrero mexico, 100 miles away from mexico city. a reporter service that he could feel trembling in mexico city. the capital city is kind of far away from where this happened. we know there are mill
this morning and 32 in martinsburg, west virginia. a couple rain drops to the west of i-81. 99% of those are going to dry up before they come east of the mountains. we will see an extra little bit of cloud cover in the front half of the day because of the little dying impulse of rain shower. we'll call it morning clouds. temperatures climbing to the mid and upper 40s by later this morning. more sunshine by later this afternoon. a beauty of a day today. up to around 63, 64 degrees. that sounds positive doesn't it? >> it sure does to us. >> sounds great. >> expectations have been met. >> okay. thanks. >>> in the news the beltway is still reeling after cia director david patraeus resigned because he had an extra marital affair. nbc's chris clackum has more on the retired general's surprising resignation. >> reporter: in his resignation letter to president obama david petraeus who took over at the cia in 2011 wrote, after being married for over 37 years i showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extra marital affair. such behavior is unacceptable. b both as a husband and as a leader
's in the mid 30s in frederick and 39 martinsburg and feeling like 39 also at andrews. sandy's remnants still spinning across areas up into new york state now with showers and mountain snows. so a photo, i think in garrett county 30 inches of snow and that was yesterday afternoon. notice couple of sprinkles trying to reach the ground to our north and west. don't believe that too much of this is actually reaching the ground but if you have a rain drop on the windshield this morning not out of the we. upper 40s this morning shenandoah valley to about 55 here in d.c.. monika samtani good thursday morning. >>> good morning howardment on fourth street at moore street northeast, there there's a serious fire downtown and with that situation you have closures around the area. and if you're heading to 395, on the southbound side, there was an accident blocking the right side of the roadway southbound 395 here at duke street. so be aware of that as well. let's take a live look i believe it's been cleared. i was checking out the ram is and -- cameras and i think everything is good to go now. this is the
-per-hour wind gust in martinsburg. so it's chilly. if you head outside, dress for the 30s. it's 15 downtown, mainly in the 40s in leesburg, 36 in manassas. we'll come back and talk about when the winds will go away and when the temps will go back up. >>> sentencing day today for the man who shot and killed six people and wounded 13 more including former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. today in tucson, arizona, jared loughner was sent to prison for the rest of his life. giffords faced her shooter for the first time in court today and her husband speaking for her told loughner, "you tried to create a world as dark as yours, but you failed." one by one those victims addressed the gunman. >> i believe that i can find peace and closure in meaningful positive action and in compassion and forgiveness. >> loughner has been diagnosed with skits friend, why so it's unclear whether or not he'll serve -- schizophrenia, so it's unclear whether he'll serve his time in a prison facility or a medical federal lockup. >>> fiscal cliff, it is the buzz phrase coming out of washington this week and as
this on our website wusa9.com. 48 and sunshine tomorrow. 58 in cumberland. hagerstown and martinsburg, winchester, you're all 60 or 61. 66 in culpeper. warrenton, leesburg, manassas, probably 64. and fairfax probably 64 as well. but downtown 65. mid 60s in through southern maryland. charles county, st. mary's county, 66 in annapolis, no small craft advisory for saturday. we might see one hoisted for sunday. mid 62 for gaithersburg. rockville, frederick on up 270. so we'll break it down for you. next three days, do you know what, green, green and green. 9 weather alerts, why would they be any cooler. milder tomorrow. 74 on sunday. some clouds on monday. maybe a shower before the day is out. but still a very nice day. next seven days, grab the umbrella for tuesday. that's the storm out west. rain and showers, cooler, temperatures in the mid 50s. and then in the wake of the storm, really quite nice. sunday shines. temps back in the mid to upper 50s wednesday, thursday and friday of next week. and, oh, by the way, next thursday will be a week from thanksgiving. don't forget about that. >>
annapolis and cambridge. it's 39 manassas and 36 in martinsburg and petersburg, west virginia in the upper 20s. we have a couple of spots like culpeper down to the freezing mark. but the air is dry. it's going to heat up rather quickly and i'm expecting highs holding maybe in the 50s by the bay. to around 60 here in washington. it's friday morning, 4:27. monika samtani steps in now with timesaver traffic. >>> thank you so much howard. good morning everybody. it is friday. little pause there for a second. if you're planning to go around town it's friday morning light as well. southbound 270 looks great. down to the point where the lanes divide, you're absolutely fine. let's take a live look outside and show you that construction also is cleared up on the inner and outer loops of the beltway here at university boulevard. you're good to go. 66 looks good out of centreville to vienna and the beltway no problems here through tysons corner and annandale and springfield. another live look outside, this time on the inbound side of 66 at glebe road inside the beltway. nice and quiet to the roosevel
for the mountains to the coast. 40 in oakland, 48 in cumberland but mid-50s in hagerstown and martinsburg, upper 50s down towards winchester. 61 in culpeper. warrenton, manassas, fair fan, you might not quite make 60, but it will be close, 59. near 60 down near st. mary's city. choppy on the bay but the winds actually will abate in the afternoon. small craft advisory expires by 6:00 a.m. friday morning. next three days, our 9 weather alerts are green, green, and green. 70 and warmer with sunshine on sunday. ravens in town. now, next seven days, i think we'll keep it on monday, too, as we observe veterans day. temperatures near 70. showers and rain on tuesday. a little cooler, back to signature in the wake of that cold front, not bad. upper 50s on wednesday and thursday. >> and the heart walk is going to be great. come on, everybody. howard is going to be out there. >> are you saying my cue was less than -- >> it was. >> let's talk sports. soccer for those who don't even like soccer. >> i am going to convert you after this break. even you will be a fan. wait until you see what happened to your d.c. u
out for that in the outlaying areas. 52 at reagan, 50 dulles 45 gaithersburg and 54 martinsburg. yesterday we got up to 71. the average is 59. keep that in mind when you see the seven-day forecast. we will have nice wind out of the south this afternoon. as the cold front approaches the clouds will increase. there could be a sprinkle this afternoon but the main event is overnight tonight when the front moves through with scattered rain showers. tomorrow we will see rain in the morning hours but we will clear out by the afternoon. here is the forecast today. patchy fog this morning giving way to increasing clouds. high 65 to 70. check out my facebook page if you will and you can follow me on twitter. i had like to hear from you. if you have a special forecast request request, thanksgiving is coming up. i might give you a gift. let's check the traffic. >> we will look at 395. there was a report of an accident on 395 southbound before duke street. no delays right now in the camera getting by. you may come up to that at speed. duke street camera not showing anything.
. during the day, 56 in martinsburg. 65 in manassas as well and 62 degrees in winchester. a little bit breezier in front of the frontal package, so you will see those winds coming out of the south during the day. so it might get a little choppy on the bay. 64 in baltimore and downtown d.c. as well. and we'll get up to 6 a degrees for you. over the next few days. still going code green. most of the rain, they will be during the overnight hours where a lot of people are out on the road. so we're going to go code green for monday and tuesday and wednesday and a big drop in temperatures here from 6 a to monday at 56 -- 54. we're going to keep things dry after the front passes for a few days here. lots of sunshine returning. but temperatures, they will be on the chilly side, back into the mid-50s. next weekend, we're watching a possible developing coastal storm. i don't want anyone to be frightened by that. just a chance for the showers it looks like most of the shower will be staying offshore, dampening things just a little bit for them and the redskins game. the temperatures, they were re
in gaithersburg, 43 in martinsburg. so mainly cloudy and chile evening, dropping temperatures earlier this evening. a bit of a northerly breeze. it is pretty pleasant and we issue of athat .oastal storm we will do that in detail. >> alexis simpson is accused of in theirer roommate dorm room. there live with that. >> she admitted that she killed her college roommate, but that mean to do it. and that it was self-defense. the jury got the case just a few minutes ago. >> i had to defend myself, i was scared. over the first two weeks of the year, she said that would bed that she jumped by them. she described a brutal fight frazier and her friends. she said she was so scared, she knife in hopes that she could escape her dorm room. she said that she was scared. i started swinging the knife. she said that she panicked when from herlood coming neck. it was hard to watch. >> we know that she has never been involved in anything like that. >> prosecutors tried to paint a t picture, bringing up tweets that she posted back then. she asked her if she hated her because she was gay. prosecutor, and the held up a k
, 32 degrees, winchester 32 degrees as well, dulles 39 and out toward the martinsburg area your temperatures 34 degrees. we don't feigned it too much older on the other -- find it too much colder on the other side of the mountains. we won't be as chilly as last night but will probably drop to the mid-30s and one or two spots down below freezing probably touching the freezing mark towards winchester and cumberland. here is your forecast for tonight, 37 degrees as the clouds erode slowly overnight. our temperature tomorrow about 53 degrees. so the sun will be back and a little warmer and a quick look at your planner 8 a.m. our temperature about 41 degrees. by noon 49 and by 4:00 52. here's your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. how about the weekend? looking good. saturday probably quite a bit of sunshine, maybe an increase of clouds late in the day. the skins play at home this week. they'll have really good weather, any of the 2 degrees, mix of clouds and sun -- 32 degrees, mix of clouds and sun. going flue the day we may pick up a few more clouds. into monday we go mostly dr
the region. thank you very much in gaithersburg. 36 for frederick; 36 for winchester; 38, martinsburg and that is going to be another night where you need to bundle up throughout and we're surrounded by temperatures in the 40s as the clouds clear on out and it's a thick deck minus the rain showers. you notice a few showers trying to sneak up from the south. i don't think they're going to make it into the area. looks like the whole system is shifting off of the coast and take most of the clouds as well as the precipitation with it and could take longer. this is, again, working toward the coast and it will continue to throw back clouds. fredericksburg, maybe you have a couple of light sprinkles out of it and that is as close as that is going to get and i will keep an eye on it, especially with the temperatures like this around the region expected overnight. 37 the low in d.c. 36 for gaithersburg. again, expects the clouds to clear on out later tonight and allowing the temperatures in the suburbs do get into the low 30s again tonight. we'll keep it at 37 degrees for the district as the c
of spots. culpepper was 27, martinsburg 24. cumberland and fredrick 23. reagan national and annapolis did not get below freezing, a couple of spots right near the bay. but just for about everybody the growing season is effectively over. and we won't be dealing with freeze warnings again until either the spring or hopefully not until next fall. we've got some 30s still in leesburg at this hour, while easton is 45. lower 40s in the shenandoah valley and only 40 in hagerstown. oakland is 32. there's still a lot of snow on the ground from last week. outside op our michael and son weather camera, you see the high clouds out there, giving us some filtered sunshine this noon hour. 45 and with a northeast wind at six, it makes it feel 42. but out on the weather terrace just a moment ago winds were really, really light and that's a good thing because tomorrow afternoon and evening we could have winds that are going to gust 30 miles an hour or more, thanks in part to a storm system which is in the south. not this guy. this guy right here coming out of georgia. here's the low pressure stretching out
an hour. and take a look at these numbers. the windchill down to 38 in washington. 34 in martinsburg. what will this next storm bring us? what can you speck where you live as far as snow is concerned? i'll show you in my forecast. >>> coming up, a candidate in the district is arrested and charged after takedown at the polls. super storm sandy decimated homes that left millions powerless. except when it came to the power of the vote. and it could be a long night downing votes in virginia. and it is not just the presidential vote up for grabs. >> reporter: we're covering the races that matter to you live all night. we'll have live results and special web streams at nbc washington.com starting at 7:00. then i'll >>> there's already some confusion in florida on this election day. voters there got more than 12,000 automatic call saying they have until tomorrow to cast their ballots. it happened in pinelas county. the call were supposed to go out yesterday. the supervisor of elections admitted the calls went out today by mistake, he said. the wife florida's governor, charlie crist, received one
for gaithersburg; 37 for d.c., annapolis at 36 and 31 for martinsburg. about as chilly as we were in some spots last night and cooler. 37 degrees in the district and under clear skies with the cool temperatures. the clouds last night prevented us from getting too cold and tomorrow about 54 degrees. so far so good and into sunday, that might be a bit of a player. and with our weekend looking okay, we'll forecast a high temperature of 40 degrees and by noon, 51 degrees and by 4:00, 52 and maybe some of you are taking off for your thanksgiving travel. good traveling weather in the northeast and into that mid- atlantic. on sunday, i want you to see the high slipping away and a little of the moisture into virginia and we'll watch it friday and staying in this position and we think the safe forecast is to say a few clouds on sunday and maybe some drizzle in the areas. bottom line, not bad at all and what say we check out the fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast and we're thinking 53 for sunday and monday, 52 degrees. you will notice a lot of cloud cover on the days leading up to thanksgiving here, br
in martinsburg. southern maryland, looking at 50 in lexington park. milder temperatures to the south and west. a good indication of what is on the way as we move closer towards thanksgiving. wednesday, thursday, upper 50's- 60 degrees. 24 are temperature change not so significant for us in d.c. the milder air is out there. we will see a difference as we move to the next few days. here is a coastal storm, the first batch of clouds to arrive. this will keep our temperature in the 30's as opposed to the 20's tonight. the cloud cover is acting as a dome of insulation that will keep our temperatures up a little bit. the rain and showers should remain well off the coast. macy a shower or two across the peninsula early tomorrow. we will look for a mix of sun and clouds later tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will be in the lower to middle 50's. a few more clouds as we move to the day on tuesday. milder air by wednesday, thursday, friday. forecast for tonight partly to mostly cloudy skies. 32-40 degrees. daytime highs tomorrow in the lower to middle 50's. here is the extended outlook. a look at thank
at dulles, 42 at reagan national, gaithersburg, 39 in martinsburg. we will be warming slowly today. 51 by noon and 55 degrees at 5:00. more sunshine in the seven-day forecast. let's check on traffic with steve hershorn. the beltway, new hampshire delay, stay to the left as you had passed 95 and around to newnd hampshire avenue. delays around the beltway. some leftover roadwork, the virginia side, several works owns overnight. ,95 northbound and southbound are in the process of picking that up. bad.not too in springfield, hov lanes are open. from dale city to springfield. 395, 14th street bridge, lanes are open. is open in springfield as well. back to you. >> thank you. begin with good news for new yorkers trying to recover from sandy. the electric company is scheduled to restore power to manhattan by saturday if. >> mayor bloomberg announced water and meals will be distributed tyndareus around the city. tahman bradley has more on the efforts in new york city and new jersey. >> and the may be gone, but frustration is growing. >> we are going to freeze. >> this manhattan neighborhood, re
to see that light breeze out of the northwest 48 in martinsburg, 51 in leesburg, 50 in manassas and along the beltway we'll see temperatures in the low 50s. 52 in d.c. and andrews, 52 in annapolis and easton. those temperatures are going to remain on the cool side for the next several days. it looks like election day is going to be a cool one in some of our battleground states. we're taking a look at this because weather sometimes plays a part in how many people get out to the polls. in wisconsin, weather is not looking very good, especially in wausau. 41 degrees with a mixture of rain and snow. 41 in milwaukee as well. it will be nice and dry in ohio. cool, though, with all that sunshine temperatures only around 50. in new hampshire 35. back at home the threat for rain approaching from the south. so wilmington, north carolina, getting the rain on tuesday but the rest of us stay dry. our last battleground state, florida, the chance for thunderstorms, especially in the northern tiers of the state. in jacksonville, temperatures only in the six. green for monday and tuesday, but then on wedn
on sunday. and into monday. 27 degrees overnight tonight in martinsburg. we'll see mostly cloudy skies overnight tonight. 36 in washington. tomorrow, i think mostly cloudy once again. a few breaks of sun. 50 in washington, 49 in martinsburg and 50 down toward culpepper. continuing on the cool side. that trend will continue right on through the weekend. we're talking about 56, nice weather on saturday, with some sun. i think the redskins game is aok. a few clouds, breezy on sunday. but the rain will hold off until late sunday into the day on monday. highs only around 52 to 53, which is still about five degrees below average. average high is 59. we'll stay well below that throughout the period. jackets and coats, you're going to need them. jim and wendy, with my, you know, winter forecast coming out, you will need the shovels this year. that's all i'm saying. a little bit of a hint. >> okay. save this tape. we're going to hold you to it. >> pick up the leaves is what he means. >>> all right. thank you, doug. >>> the dave matthews band said it will donate $1 million to help those affected
to 26 in martinsburg, 32 in la plata. we'll see a cold start to your morning by around 6:00, 7:00. with plenty of sunshine, we will warm up nicely into the mid to upper 50s. 57 in leesburg and martinsburg. i think 60 in washington. 62 degrees down towards fredericksburg. nothing but sunshine. not bad. >> bring it on. thanks, doug. >> sounds good. >>> carol's here and we are talking tonight not football, but fooball. >> they may have some of the best fans everywhere. did you see what happened last night? d.c. united and new york red bulls, semifinal match, rescheduled for tonight. it was postponed after a 45-minute delay last night due to snow. so a cold and stormy trip for an amazing number of dedicated fans. you've got to be a die-hard to wait during a snow delay, right? check out the pictures from last night. the snow was coming down. but they kept shoveling. looks kind of pointless, like trying to keep the house clean with kids. shoveling during a blizzard. but they were determined to make an effort. especially with 700 united fans, staying put. a ten-hour round trip up nort
at martinsburg. a cooler 39 degrees at culpeper and winchester, 443 degrees. we have some variance going on as we move into the lows tonight. temperatures are going to be cooling down into the 40s. we range pretty much from the low 40s to the mid-40s, even upper 40s here to the south. to the west, 39 degrees for martinsburg. let's take a look now at radar because i want to show you what's going on here. we've got a real division going on in the country and it's going to be very evident when i show you our temperature map. this is the frontal system that will be coming through. it's creating a lots of storms along the line of it. it's also a big division in the country in terms of temperatures. let's go back to our maps and i will show you exactly what i'm talking about. ahead of that front tall system, lots of warm air. the jet stream also responsible for this. temperatures, let's take a look right now into the 60s and 70s. temperatures into the teens, single digits, even. a lot of cooler air moving in. we are seeing that big division. we're going to be on the warm side of that as we head into th
of the state of maryland. and back to the west, martinsburg, winchester, you're not under a freeze warning because you've already seen a freeze this year. most of the areas have not been below freezing, but i think everybody will get there overnight tonight. as far as the radar goes, no rain to talk about in our region, but that's not going to be the case in the next couple of details. a pretty strong storm system digging down to the south right now. this will dig down to the south and move up the coast as an east coast storm. and eventually a nor'easter, in places like new jersey, toward new york. for us, 3:00 p.m. on wednesday, i think this will have a low impact on us. maybe starting off with light rain. then possibly switching to snow, depending on the exact track of this storm. 11:00 on wednesday night, i think this would-be snow if it was making its way in here, some of the latest computer models keep this offshore now, which means less much pact for us. jersey shore, new york, the same areas hit hard by sandy are going to get hit again very hard by this. there could be major beach e
in martinsburg. that is what you call cold. fredericksburg, 30 degrees. all the way down to richmond this morning, 30 degrees. so again, most of the mid- atlantic here, even pushing down into southern virginia below freezing at this hour. let's talk satellite-radar. we are doing fine to start your day. should be a sunny start. a little cloud deck working through at the moment. that is holing the temperatures up temporarily. here is our next storm system. this coastal nor'easter we've been talking for the last self days, that is going to push out to sea. redevelop an area of low pressure here off of cape hatteras later this afternoon and tonight and then move up the eastern seaboard during the day tomorrow. so we'll see our clouds increase here late today and tonight and during the day tomorrow, i think we'll have a period of showers around and perhaps tomorrow night, even a period of mixed precip. the best chance for that is going to be washington and points east and south. so again, the storm system looks like it will track just far enough east that many of the impacts will not get us directly h
but some colder 20s on the map. 26 in martinsburg. 37 fredericksburg. plenty of sunshine today. off to a chilly start but abundant sunshine for your saturday afternoon. high around 53 degrees. the maryland terapins hosting florida state in college park. it's a noon kickoff, nice and sunny. 50 degrees in college park. want to see your game on tv? send me a note chuck.bell@nbc.com and tell me who is playing, when, and where. i'll put on as many as i can in the 9:00 hour. >>> new this morning one person is dead after a double stabbing at a metro station in northwest d.c. it happened just after 1:00 at woodly park station. police say they found two men stabbed, one in the chest, one in the face. the man with the chest wound died. the knife was found on the metro tracks. police say they have five people in custody. >>> there is a whole new way to get around today in northern virginia. take a live look. the 495 express lanes are open. they opened up around 4:00 this morning and obviously not too much traffic taking advantage right now. that is going to change. they'll get the first true t
and snow showers. throwing some clouds our way. a few returns here from martinsburg back up to 70 to hancock and garrett county. probably falling in the form of light snow showers. quick look at temperatures this morning. 37 in reston. ashburn is 49. it is 39 in college park and bowie and andrews 41 degrees. as we look at the forecast, going to be a decent weekend. temperatures will be in the 50s today. 54 this afternoon. breezy, more sun this afternoon. more clouds this morning. but i think any rain or snow showers stay in the mountains. tomorrow, we start in the 30s near 40 in town. if you're going down early to see topper at the autism speaks now walk, bundle up for 40s and should be sunny. 53. little breezy too. sunday a cool day. 52. this is the weekend the clocks go back. please check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide batteries while you're at it. looking good through tuesday and then potentially a storm up the coast on wednesday with some rain and a little wind but no this will be nothing like sandy. more of a typical late fall storm come up the coast. monika samtani
at the numbers, only 48 in martinsburg, 46 right now in gaithersburg, and 52 in annapolis. fredericksburg coming in at 56 degrees. we're dealing with showers along i-95, from baltimore down through washington, back down towards fredericksburg and fairfax county, dulles airport, reston seeing some of that, bethesda seeing some of that rain. down to the south around fredericksburg, spotsylvania cut, seeing shower activity. most of this is very light. that's the way it's going to stay. i want to show you, you can still see the spin in the upper levels of the atmosphere. you see the northwesterly flow bringing the chance of rain and more cloud cover. just back to the west, look at this. clearing skies. that is some much-needed sunshine for parts of the region. i think we're going to get into that sunshine during the day tomorrow. cool weather still here, and notice, it doesn't go anywhere. we still see partly cloudy skies tomorrow. i think more sunshine during the day. a few clouds but also some sun. rather breezy during the day with winds out of the northwest upwards of 15, maybe 20 miles an hour.
're this chilly the wind really doesn't help a whole lot. temperatures 46 in martinsburg, 45 in winchester, 46 in leesburg, 52 the warm spot in fredricksburg. forecasted wind chills. this is what you'll wake up to tomorrow morning for wind chills. 35 degrees in washington. 29 in gaithersburg. 28 in winchester. and 28 in frederick. look at fredricksburg. around 31. again, that's what you're waking up to on your saturday morning around 8:30. it's not going to wake up very naft. i do think we will see some sunshine tomorrow but once again it's going to stay on the cool side. no rain to talk about. we do have some showers making their way around ann arundel county earlier, now moving their way across the eastern shore but really only a speck as you make your way across route 50. satellite and radar showing we still have the northwesterly flow and there have been more snow showers back toward the mountains during the day but for the most part this has just brought us the cloud cover and that's what it will continue to bring us the next couple days. rather cool and wind can i conditions mostly cloud
temperatures 47 in martinsburg, 46 right now in gaithersbu gaithersburg, 53 in annapolis and 55 down toward fredricksburg. fredricksburg the warm spot at this hour. as far as the radar is concerned, we do have a few showers trying to push down from the north. this is actually yet again another frontal boundary that's trying to drape on across the region. you can see some showers north of annapolis coming down. 97 toward your way. and a few light isolated sprinkles but most of us should stay on the dry side through the evening hours. here's what's going on. you still have that upper area of low pressure aloft. you have these little pieces of energy rotating around it. you get some sunshine and then the very cold air aloft and with that sunshine it just helps to create those clouds in that colder air. so that's why we continue to see the cloud cover across the region. that's also why they continue to see snow showers back toward the west. here's our area of low pressure. still up to the north and east. very cool day for us. and rather breezy today. mostly cloudy if not totally cloudy. just ab
degrees, 48 baltimore and 45 for gaithersburg, 46 for dulles and martinsburg. winchester comes in at 43 and culpeper and manassas 33 degrees. where you've had clearing, it's cooler. futurecast shows that dry spot out to our west, but it does fill in for the morning. there could be sprinkles here and there and yes, another inch, maybe two for the mountain communities out along 68 for garrett county and down in west virginia for the high spots. for most of friday afternoon clouds to begin, maybe some brightening of the skies for the afternoon. i think we can get some sunshine in more of a widespread fashion for saturday and just a few clouds passing by to our south sunday. the weekend should be sunnier, still on the cool side with temperatures in the 50s. tonight 42 degrees, spotty sprinkles, tomorrow a lot of clouds, 54 degrees, definitely on the cool side. your planner, you probably don't need the sunglasses in the morning are maybe wipers briefly, temperature 48 in the morning, by noon 50 with mostly clouds and by 5:00 some sunny spots and 53. next week could be interesting. i'll elabo
. temperatures this morning down to 27 in frederick. 32 manassas and leesburg. 35 martinsburg and even here in d.c. we're down to 36 only right on top of the bay you have temperatures still above the 40-degree mark. the front came through yesterday morning with the rain showers. you know the slow commute we had. we're clear now. there's the front well off shore. nothing really headed our way. a few clouds in the midwest. we'll see some of those coming late tonight and tomorrow. we look to be dry through at least saturday, maybe longer. high temperatures today upper 40s to low 50s. at 4:27 here comes the sleeveless monika with timesaver traffic. >>> on the outer loop of the beltway after new hampshire avenue, watch out for the overnight construction still in place. should be cleared up shortly. if you're planning to head northbound on 95, things look great. no issues to report as you travel up from triangle toward woodbridge and spring field. everything is looking good on 395 as well to the 14th street bridge. let's go back over to the live picture right now on the northbound side of i-95. as you
up toward thurmont, emmittsburg, hagerstown, smithsburg back into martinsburg. this goes into southern loudoun county, culpeper and out 66 toward strasburg and areas like front royal are seeing some of the moderate rain showers. southern maryland st. mary's, calvert, not much going on. down in st. mary's this is drifting toward the eastern shore and down around reedville and the northern neck we have the showers. everything is moving northeast this morning. temperatures south and east of town still holding on to about 50 but the farther north and west you go, the colder it gets. 42 hagerstown. the upper 20s in garrett county. outside on our michael & son weather camera, good visibility. in fact, just cloudy skies at the moment at reagan national but more showers on the wind. winds north at 16 gusting 28 last check. that's pushing our windchill down to 42 even though our air temp is 48. here's the big picture. you can see the front coming through now with the rain and showers. a little bit of snow on the very back side of this before it ends in a few spots but in western p
're talking 30s here. winchester and martinsburg, 2 degrees. frederick, you're in on that winning number as well. 30 in hagerstown. we are below freezing further off not north and west. after a cold start, we'll be cool this afternoon with a combination of winds out of the north and north and east and cloud cover. it is going to kind of lock in that cool feel for the day. what's happening? got a little of what we call upper level trofimoffing through just a little piece of energy strolling through at the moment. that is giving us the cloud cover along with the rain showers down in the carolinas. this rain shower won't get in here because of high pressure off to the north. it is kind of blocking that moisture from making it too far north and this is going to get pulled out to sea. the bottom line for us, plenty of clouds in the forecast today. i think you might see a peek or period of sunshine from time to time but the trent will be more clouds than sun. we'll keep the cool temperatures around for the day. you get into tomorrow, more sunshine and a gradual warm-up. not going to be terribl
in martinsburg. 44 in winchester. 50 in hagerstown. 43 degrees in cumbers town. oakland, the warm air is rising up leaving it colder at the surface. the higher elevations aren't cooling down as fast overnight tonight. our satellite and radar shows the next approaching cold front, the area of low pressure sitting there and spinning in the upper midwest and that will pull down some cooler air, but not bone-chilling cold in our forecast. in the meantime, we have the warm front on the way. and since we will be in the warm sector to the south of the warm front to the east of the cold front, we're going to continue to enjoy that beautiful warm dry weather over the next couple of days. overnight tonight, mostly clear, not too cool as i mentioned before. 37 to 46 for your overnight lows with light winds becoming westerly. mostly sunny, very nice tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 40s. so you'll need that jacket, but you can ditch the jacket in the afternoon. mostly sunny, even milder than today. nice pleasant weather with temperatures in the upper 60s for most of us. let's take a look at that zone f
.c. which is a little warmer than last hour, but then you get out to hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester and find the leading edge of colder air coming. in they're in the 50s and 40s being cumberland 46 degrees. up over the mountains into western pennsylvania we fine pittsburgh at 39, column -- find pittsburgh at 39, columbus 29 and chicago 39. there will be gusty winds out of the northwest as well. annapolis, gusts to 21 this hour, frederick and hagerstown gusts up and over 30 miles per hour. while have a rather gusty night and most of the day tomorrow. here's what we've got at the surface. frontal boundary will swing through with showers overnight clearing west to east tomorrow for a brighter afternoon for most places as high pressure builds in. between the departing cold front and incoming high pressure we'll keep the breezes going foam and we'll certainly keep temperatures -- tomorrow and we'll certainly keep temperatures much chillier than today. in rain we're thinking between 1/2-inch and inch of rain and 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch for everybody else in the light green colors. 49 and sho
. these battery is much lower than average. the average time is 59. 39 in gaithersburg. down to 41 in martinsburg and hagerstown. your east of these cold temperatures. 46 ion fredericksburg. we will continue to hang on to high pressure. you can trace the cold air back to this area. this is putting up to the northeast. we are within the range of this area of high pressure which will keep us high and dry for several more days. we will have colden sunny days and cold clear nights and that will continue until we get to sunday and then a change with the coastal system that we have been talking about. the satellite and radar, some high clouds passing overhead. we cam say-we can see partly to mostly sunny days. things will change and the winds will come out of the atlantic in response to an area of low pressure. making its way over to the atlantic. out there of the southeast coast in north carolina, we expect an area of low pressure to form. this is what the computer models have been advertising and the ideas -- that will intensify and move up the coast. it looks like we will stay far enough to the east
in leonardtown. 36 in frederick. 38 in martinsburg. -- 42 now in washington. 45 in fredericksburg. chilly temperature to start your day. we'll top out the low 50s today. it will feel better than yesterday. yesterday, we were only in the mid-50s. still cool for this time of year and you mix in some winds which will be gusting aat about 15 to 20 during the course of the day. it will feel cooler than temperatures in the 50s. right now, the wind out of the north and west at about 12 here in washington. 17 in quantico. you get the idea here and they will be gusting at about 15 to 20 later today. it will be a very breezy day along with improving conditions. i think we'll see some sunshine around here by afternoon. satellite-radar, check out this -- this is just amazing. look at that center of the nor'easter right. this almost taking on the characteristics of a tropical storm. you can see it throwing back the moisture into new york and southern new england, parts of connecticut picking up to a foot of snow. i mentioned the snow at jfk and in newark. we were cooped of on -- kind of on the back ed
. currently 44 in washington. 36 in frederick. 33 in martinsburg. dulles i don't think got there but low to mid 30s. 45 in leonard town. all of us upper 40s to 50 with the exption of our viewers here off to the north and west. mid 40s today. only middle november and these temperatures running about 10 degrees or so below average. satellite radar there. still cool conditions will be around. a lot more in the way of cloud cover. if you are watching out toward the west. i think you've got a better chance of sunshine. we may see peaks of sunshine during the course of the day. the trend will keep things cloudy around here. off to the south, the rain showers will be pushed out to sea as high pressure to the north and west will nose in here later this afternoon and tonight. here's a look at service features. nice and dry for the next several days and the trend will get the cloud cover and rain shower far enough away. tomorrow generally sunny and a little warmer and keep the sunshine around for the weekend. the forecast gets better from here. 50 today. plenty of clouds. might be a few peaks of s
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